Bravo, the new way of shopping in Baku

Tuesday 26 April 2016

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Bravo, the new way of shopping in Baku

Bravo realized, in cooperation with JosDeVries The Retail Company, a new and innovative retail brand. On April 15 the newest Bravo supermarket opened its doors in Baku, Azerbaijan. The supermarket is located in the ultramodern "Ganjlik Mall”.

A real Azerbaijani company
Bravo makes shopping easier and above all fun! Bravo works with the best retail experts from all over the world, but is primarily a real Azeri company. Thereby Bravo understands the needs of the Azerbaijani customer better than anyone else. Bravo puts an end to the current idea that high quality products have to be expensive. Bravo namely provides the high quality at the lowest price.

Plenty to do
And shopping at Bravo is really fun! There is plenty to do and to see, but you do not have to get lost thanks to the clear layout and navigation and the aisles are nice and wide. You can see people picking up lunch and thanks to the fast checkouts, quickly go on with their busy day. Children can’t believe their eyes in the sweets department, which is not inferior to an amusement park. Young girls mainly gather around the cosmetics department, where all the major brands can be found.

But we are mostly proud of the fresh departments. It is a supermarket where you will get hungry. The colors of the fresh fruit from all over the world and the smell of freshly baked bread. Everywhere you will find the staff of Bravo preparing fresh products. Bravo started a unique collaboration continued with Waitrose and Casino. Because of this they are introducing the best international products in the Azerbaijani market.

The retail challenge
It was a challenge every retail agency dreams of: an A to Z brand development. Bravo started completely from scratch developing the new retail brand. This represents a new brand identity, including naming, logo design and communication framework. The brand identity is recognizable and is the common thread through all manifestations, online and on the shop floor.

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