Innovation + creativity = innovativity

Tuesday 1 March 2016

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Innovation + creativity = innovativity

In today’s world, more than ever before, it’s all about innovation. New trends, new technologies, new revenue models. And there can be no innovation without creativity. The drive to make something that didn’t exist before. To create something new. As a design agency, innovation and creativity are anchored in our DNA. We constantly and critically examine the existing parameters, and investigate how things can be done better and made more appealing. That is our drive. And we are making this voyage of discovery a key theme of our jubilee year.

So for us and for you, 2016 will be the year of innovativity!


Magazine - We Create(d)

Over the past 30 years, as a renowned retail design agency, we have always led the way in new developments in our professional field. From ephemeral fashion trends to fundamental developments. We’re proud to present a wonderful overview of all this in our magazine WeCreate(d). From year to year, we take you with us on a journey through all the key developments, and their consequences for retail and retailers.


Innovativity publication

By now it’s become an ‘old friend’: the triennial professional journal from JosDeVries The Retail Company. After New Retail Relevance (2011) and New Customer Journey (2014), this year we’re working on our new publication that - almost inevitably - is wholly dedicated to innovativity. In a clear and accessible way, we describe how, thanks to the optimal combination of innovation and creativity, we arrive at surprising and effective solutions to often deep-rooted problems.


Innovativity event

We cannot say much yet, but we’re already brainstorming! This year we are going to organise a creative event that is totally dedicated to innovativity; the special combination of innovation and creativity. For now we can’t say much more, but what we can say is that you can count on leading speakers in the field of (food) retail, new talent, creativity and innovation. We will take you on a journey to all the unexpected opportunities that arise when we connect different disciplines. An inspiring event. Stay tuned!


We Create

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