Wednesday 22 July 2015

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Pop-up stores: the opportunity spots for enthusiastic entrepreneurs

“A number of years ago, an increased vacancy rate of properties created ‘windows of opportunity’ for pop-up retail,” says Caroline de Jager, owner of Popupsquare, the platform for pop-up stores, and matchmaker searching for suitable space for (temporary) retailers. "Now pop-up retailing is becoming mainstream in the shopping streets".

“In my opinion, pop-up retailing completely connects time spirit: more flexibility, changing the way we deal with property, and combining on- and offline retailing,” De Jager continues. “Also, big brands show an increasing need for flexibility and space for experimentation, which pop-up offers. For example, for seasonal products or marketing concepts.” Pop-up retailing has not only proved itself abroad, but also abundantly in the Netherlands.


Also beneficial for ‘regular’ retailers

According to De Jager, regular entrepreneurs can also benefit from pop-up retailers. De Jager sees opportunities emerging. “Both forms are important. In addition, we should start thinking more creatively about the form we give pop-up; not only in vacant properties, but particularly in existing stores with, for example, a large surface area, the shop-in-shop. In London, this is already ‘booming business’. It is called ‘Shop Sharing’. Pop-up can also be the stepping stone to a permanent shop: the revenues of a pop-up store are an excellent tool of persuasion tool for obtaining credit at a bank. Therefore, pop-up retailing can be beneficial for permanent retailing and a sustainable and successful solution for a retail property.”


Temporary is the future

“I expect that shopping streets will have more and more temporary stores. How is that possible? Every city is the same, with its large chain stores and department stores. And for the small retailer that is distinguishable, the opportunities do not exist to rent something affordable.” Pop-up retailing is here to stay, De Jager expects. “You see that the supply of stores is becoming increasingly mobile and temporary. Especially the large chain stores are having difficulty with adapting to the transient city. You must be able to move yourself to those parts of the city that are becoming interesting. Starting entrepreneurs are flexible, can go with the flow/adapt to the changes quickly, but the large stores cannot.” 


7 reasons for a pop-up

  • Online retailers that want to add a tangible experience to their web shop.
  • Retailers looking into opening an actual store, but would first like to test if a specific location is suitable.
  • Retailers with an inventory surplus and wish to sell it via an outlet.
  • Retailers who would like consumers to experience the story behind the products, for example via workshops or presentations.
  • Retailers looking to introduce their products to various (niche) target groups at different locations.
  • Retailers who would like to promote or test a new product.
  • Retailers who would like to tie into a specific season or moment, such as Mother’s Day, with a special promotion.


Caroline de Jager

Caroline de Jager is an expert on the subject of pop-up stores and temporary stores. She has been organizing pop-up stores herself in vacant retail space since 2009, and has, as a lawyer, developed a contract model for the temporary use of retail space. She has written a handbook called How to Open a Pop Up Store, and has founded a platform for pop-up stores: www.popupsquare.nl. She is also the organizer of Start pop up now. De Jager does not only give advice to property owners, but also to municipalities and entrepreneurs who wish to open a pop-up store. In Berlin, she recently opened a Pop Up Park, commissioned by the property owner: BIKINI BERLIN BOXES.

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