The shoe that grows - The power of design

Tuesday 4 September 2018

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The shoe that grows - The power of design

As a designer you walk around, always looking at the world around you. Looking with curiosity how thing can be better, more functional, prettier. That is why we are inspired by Kenton Lee. His creativity and eye for design resulted in ‘the shoe that grows’. The proof of the limited power of creativity combined with the hunger to innovate. Innovativity.

“The power of small things drives the mission of The Shoe That Grows to give life-changing shoes to incredible kids. The Shoe That Grows works with individuals, non-profits, and global organizations to deliver innovative shoes to kids who are challenged by poverty.”

The shoe that grows can get up to five sizes larger, one pair can improve the life of boys and girls from the age of three to when they are 10 years old. The teenage model will grow up to adult sizes. That is the power of design.

As an international company we visit a lot of different countries. From Austria to Australia. It‘s such a privilege to work with all these different people from all over the world. Recently we are working on two projects in Africa; in Kenia and Nigeria. Both countries have been so welcoming and inspiring. That’s why we want to give something back.

We have made the first move. We donated 100 pair of shoes to Nigeria and Kenia. Our dear clients in Kenia and Nigeria will help us and make sure that every one of this pair ends up at the right place. Who will follow ‘in our footsteps?”

Join us and also donate a pair at:

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