Six focus points for retail from a millennial

Sunday 1 December 2013

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Six focus points for retail from a millennial

I’m of the Y-generation, I’m a millennial. There is already a lot written about my sort. A strange generation with very aberrant norms and values. We do everything in a different way. But does that not count for every generation? Maybe it does, but because of the digitization seems the difference a lot bigger. But.. I am a milllenial and when my sort stands in the spotlights I just as well use this opportunity to tell you about my ideal shopping experience. If it were up to me….

1. Busy

I’m very busy. During the week I’m not going extensive shopping. I’m only going out for the necessary groceries. When I’m back I relax on my couch. With my Iphone or Ipad. En then the shopping starts. I’m searching for a product or brand. Or I’m triggered by a advertisement. Depending the product I buy it online (low risk, low involvement) or I orientate online and go out to buy it in the weekends (high involvement). So do you want to do my a service? Make your website responsive! I do not have patience with websites which do not work on my iphone or ipad. In that case I will find an other retailer with one click of the mouse. And they will be there. And also be easy findable. If youre not in the top three of searching results, you will not count for me.

2. Add something

Understand that my choices are enormous. Because of the transparacy internet provides I can buy the same products by a lot different providers. That asks for not only a low price but also extra added value. What are your services that you can add to your product which makes your product more relevant. What makes my loyal to your brand? Think about Nike, for example. Nike makes it possible to be part of a community, scores to share and compare with other runners.

3. React

I have a lot of influence. I’m always in touch with other millenials. This means you will always be checked. If there are negative reactions, I will read them. Postive reviews, I will share. It is nice when you react. If I have a negative experience with you, I will also share it. And my network is big. Be sure, in short, that you always know what is written about you.

4. Tailor made

Digital we measure and share everything. So I expect that you recognize my and have data about me. I want to land on a personal page. Where will be mainly promotions tailor made for me. En then also make it immediately shareable. And if you want to send my promotions later? Make it tailormade and relevant for me. Otherwise it is spam.

5. Shoppen

And then it is weekend. Time to shop! Time for entertainment. And I love to shop I can tell you. So when I’m entering cheerful, please greet me and help me. Otherwise I will be gone quickly. And when I orientated online I maybe want more advice from your salesperson. Be sure the salespersons have the right knowledge. Too often I see some weekend staff who know less than me. And that’s a letdown for me. That makes the physical store loose it value for me.

6. Entertainment

I want entertainment. Shop in a happy mood. Be sure I feel happy when I enter your store. To much stores are only equipped cost efficient. Experience is something that can better be arranged in the physical store than digital. And experience is choices in design, lightning, visual merchandise. But also integration of online and offline. There are not a lot concepts where I can fing digital extra information about products, reviews can check and they provide me with alternatives. Let alone a connection to etail. But what I really would love to see is digital experience. Think about interactive windowdressing and augmented reality and digital branding. Also I would like to see in store what are populair products on facebook or pinterest. What makes me feel cheerfull and will keep me longer in the store. Which means in the end that I will buy more.


Before I forget! Don’t react all uneasy when I use my phone. Maybe I just want feedback of my friends on my sale. Or I’m looking for extra information about the product, check reviews. But maybe sometimes also to compare price. That’s the way it is, don’t be afraid of it. And even better, it is time to start facilitate this. It will happen anyway

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