From spending per square metre to a relevant customer journey

Tuesday 31 May 2016

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From spending per square metre to a relevant customer journey

The management of a shopping mall is a complex business. The challenge is to get all the different disciplines to work together. The property owners, retailers association, the communication department and also the architect. Take the architectural team, for example. Often we see that the most amazing buildings are being constructed. Beautifully designed, they are truly an asset to the city. But the architect has limited retail experience, and a building used as a shopping centre has to meet unique requirements in order to facilitate the retail dynamics.

We help shopping centres to streamline their entire concept; from the use of the architecture to the formulation of a content calendar. Together with Migros, we have created successful shopping malls with this approach. The Westside shopping mall in Bern was named ‘best urban shopping mall in 2014’. This new customer journey approach led to a growth in sales, and the number of visitors increased by more than ten percent. But what does this approach mean? 

One-stop shop

We call it programme management: a holistic approach that not only connects all the different disciplines, but also makes them reinforce each other. So the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The proposition stands at the heart of the different quadrants. We start with concept development, and this forms the basis for all the next steps.

What we offer

A good tenant mix is an essential precondition for a successful shopping centre. The key to a surprising and dynamic range is the mix of different categories, such as fashion, leisure and lifestyle as well as food and pop-up. Be distinctive by finding the balance between the latest and coolest concepts and everyday shopping, and create space for local concepts.

How we talk

The right branding and communication are essential to create a connection with the target group. The shopping centre has to be a strong brand with a matching look and feel, tone of voice and identity. This ensures recognition and, above all, loyalty.

How we act

A content calendar will be formulated based on branding and communication. The shopping centre of the future is a meeting place, and goes further than just shopping. Through activities and events, the shopping centre will be the third place: the stopover between home and work or school.

How we look

Based on the concept proposition, we bring the brand to life. The right layout, making the best use of the architecture and design combined with brand communication turn the shopping visit into an experience.


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