The store is a marketing tool

Thursday 7 June 2018

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The store is a marketing tool

Originally, the success of a store was measured by the turnover per square meter. The cash register has to ring, because that is where the money is made. Nowadays a large part of the sales has moved to online. Which turned the market upside down. But, retail designers and strategists keep telling us that the 'brick store' will not disappear, there is a need of a re-evaluation of the store. And that's why I like to ‘put the cat among the pigeons’; the physical store does not have to make a profit at all. The physical store is not a sales channel; it is a marketing tool.

We have known the store as a marketing tool already for some time in the form of the pop-up shop. A physical space where a brand or product is brought to life. Brands that combine online and offline quickly realized that one strengthens the other. For example, research shows that the customers of Hunkemöller who have had a good experience in the store buy more online. Online sales are growing when there is a physical store nearby. The physical store increases the trust, the experience and the loyalty of the customer. Trust; because the customer comes into contact with people of flesh and blood and knows where the proverbial brick can go through the window. Experience; because the customer can feel, taste and try the products.

The store is the theatre where the brand comes to life.The shopping street is the future shop window. What shouldn’t be missed? Which new products and which new collections do the big brands have? The online players also see the advantages of such a shop window. Coolblue is a Dutch textbook example. The online brand Coolblue now has six stores. Why? Because Coolblue also saw that customers ordered more in regions where a Coolblue store was opened. That there is a physical place creates confidence.

The other way around, the knowledge that is gained online is also used physically. Loods5 is an example of a platform as we know it online. Loods5 is a furniture and lifestyle store, Various providers unite under one digital roof to offer a dynamic but well-organized experience. Loods5 is a physical platform - with a real roof - where instead of an online page, a designated place within the physical store is arranged by a brand. Each room has its own brand identity under the large Loods5 brand umbrella.

Too often the success of the physical store is measured by the turnover per square meter. The store needs to get more credit. Add to that turnover also the turnover that is made online, thanks to the visibility of the brand in the shopping street, and a very different image arises. And if you know that, the layout of the store will also change as a result. The store will be the showcase of the brand, a testing ground, a place to interact with the brand. And thus part of the total marketing of the brand. And whether that new dress, coffee maker or that crazy lamp will be paid for online or offline does not matter.

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