We Create: Innovativity

Tuesday 14 February 2017

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We Create: Innovativity

Once every three years we launch a new book at the Euroshop. This year we will present our ninth book: 'Innovativity' 

How can retailers respond to society’s constant changes and stay relevant for the future? We believe there is a need for a new way of thinking, a need for ‘innovativity’.

This approach has already served as a foundation for our work over the last 30 years, it is only now that we give it a name. Innovativity, as the basis of great retail design, is a combination of visionary innovation with the unlimited power of creativity.

Innovativity enables us to create enduring retail stories and compelling store experiences that capture the imagination, enrich the customer journey and bring brands to life. By thinking creatively and innovatively, magical ideas are transformed into successful concepts, and we can forge a confident path into the future.

In this, the ninth JosDeVries book, we examine all the ways in which innovativity can be applied to the retail experience. We share stories from strategists, designers, marketers and architects. We observe, analyse and interpret new developments and technology in the retail market. Most of all, we show how we use design thinking and creative processes to achieve the best results. Of course, we also show a number of our projects too.

This book is divided into eight chapters, each exploring a different aspect of how we apply innovativity in our practice. 

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Special thanks to: Fri-jado, Lichtkompetenz, Tredion, TGLS, RBM, Mosa, Warmtebouw and DecoLegno.​


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