The Welle 7: The shopping centre of the future is a stopover between home and destination

Tuesday 6 September 2016

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The Welle 7: The shopping centre of the future is a stopover between home and destination

The Migros Aare cooperative has developed, in Bern, Switzerland, the shopping centre of the future, and Jos DeVries has been entrusted with comprehensive responsibility for the entire customer journey, with regard to both concept and interior design. The Welle 7 is a unique combination of shopping, gastronomy, business and Klubschule. The centre is to be erected immediately adjacent to Bern’s heavily frequented main railway station, where more than 150,000 frequencies are measured each day. The centre owes its name to the six well-known wavy roofs (Welle means wave in German) of the Western Railway Station (Westbahnhof), plus that of the new shopping centre.

Welle 7 will form a stopover between home and office, home and school or home and another destination. A stopover that invites one to enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants, to work in the tranquil environment of one of the offices, to learn in the Klubschule or to go shopping in the many shops. Already in the planning phase, the SoLoMo  Social, Local & Mobile) concept was at the project’s heart. Welle 7 is in step with the rhythm of the modern, mobile user, whose logistic ‘hub’ is formed by the Main Railway Station. The centre will offer space for enjoyment, work, learning and, last but not least, shopping – all under one roof.

In addition to the retail space it offers, the shopping centre’s relevance is further augmented through the assimilation of additional functions. The gastronomic function will offer meeting places where the guest can enjoy freshly prepared meals and drinks, accompanied by grab & go concepts presented in a fresh and interesting manner. Five floors are reserved for business and education, with one floor entirely devoted to the Migros Klubschule, Switzerland’s largest private educational firm, offering courses and training programmes in the most modern and cool of spaces. Further, the centre’s business units are to be leased as locations for meetings and flexwork .

The contrasting functions of the Welle 7 building mutually intensify one another, yielding a dynamic destination point for the modern, spontaneous user. 


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