Shell Flow

Project location:

Project type:
Petrol station

Project kind:
Food / Petrol station



Shell expressed the ambition for a more warm and involved fresh foodservice concept based on the balance between emotion and femininity versus functionality and masculinity to set a new standard for a fresh foodservice concept on the highway locations.


The fresh foodservice concept is developed as the beating heart of the highway location. Based on the key values ‘Welcome’, ‘Involved’, ‘Original’ the new concept is positioned between ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ as ‘flow’. All food preparation is in plain sight centred in a open kitchen. The food is presented like a buffet.


An excellent fresh foodservice mainstream concept, appealing to the senses.
Like a ‘mama at home’ experience the concept is recognizable and accessible. Focused on the reinvention of the Dutch sandwich, trusted with a twist and differentiating from standard mainstream fresh foodservice concepts.


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