Technische Unie

Project location:
The Netherlands

Project type:

Project kind:
Non-food / Do-it-yourself



Technische Unie has been the foremost knowledge partner for the construction sector for years. Previously it mainly worked with only the largest Dutch construction companies. It now wants to be more attractive to a wider audience by also becoming a knowledge partner for small businesses and the self-employed. But Technische Unie operates in a strongly competitive field, which is why it chose to tell its story via a new flagship store.


The instore communication is supported by an abundance of imagery: inspiring photos from real people on their own construction projects, with which visitors can identify. Carefully and concisely written texts assist visitor navigation, clearly communicate the prices and show how the company truly interprets ‘smarter together’ in cooperation with the customer. 


Chosen format principles:

  • Leadership
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Hospitality
  • Convenience 

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