Project location:
Bern, Switzerland

Project type:
Destination Point

Project kind:
Shopping centre / Destination Point



Create a clear customer journey (online and offline) for customers within the complex architectural sturcture of the existing building and restructure the the brand experience,interior architecture and navigation.


Each area (stores, restaurants and bars, hotel, swimming pool and cinema) has an individual colour scheme which is also reflected in the interior's materials and the navigation elements. In addition, the scheme corresponds with the colours used to depict these areas on the website and in the app.


The entire branding, navigation and interior concept is based on the prism principle. Imagine, crystals of white light enter the three atriums and disintegrate to produce a number of hues. This colour gradient translates into a unique Westside identity that enables guests to use colour to navigate the building in a natural way. By facilitating navigation using text, colour and light, the design is integrated into the building and does not detract from the architecture. Visitors are able to orient themselves easily by means of colours, and recognisable digital navigation elements (‘shoppers’) provide additional information where desired. 


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