No store can exist without branding and communication.

For a compelling and successful shopping experience you need a temporary and trustable brand. To stay top of mind in a changing retail environment the brand needs to appeal to conscious and unconscious driving forces. Always coming from the DNA and heritage of the brand itself. A clear and recognisable brand identity is of major importance. To create the right brand perception, like a recognisable signage through every customer touchpoint. This brand identity makes sure that the heritage of the brand and the needs of the customer seamlessly fit together in a authentic and natural way. This is the basis the ultimate shopping experience. To help, inspire and inform. And last but not least to activate sales!

JosDeVries supports, together with the communication agency Storyline, to come to a clear and attractive brand identity.

We make sure this brand identity got translated to the right branding and store communication. The result? A compelling store experience with a unique and transparent brand story. 

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