The story of the store

What story are you telling in your store? Today this is no longer a strange question to ask. Because storytelling is gaining ground everywhere: brands want to tell their own stories. On TV, on the internet, through applications, and also in-store.

Storytelling appeals to a basic human instinct: people want to tell stories and hear stories. Thanks to stories we can appeal to both the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’ in our stores.

In-store communication has a variety of functions. The most important are:

The expression of the brand/formula identity.
Communication to guide the customers through the store.
Attractive examples of product use.
Practical communication (about opening hours, for example).
Communication with a strong sales stimulus.

The functions of in-store communication (branding, navigation, inspiration, information and activation) together tell the story of the store. So this is always the point of departure for the development of in-store communication. Want to know more about the story of your store? Then visit Storyline, our retail communication agency.

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