A successful store goes beyond being a beautiful store. The function of the design is more than just a matter of aesthetics. Good design tells a story; it is the visual translation of the vision and manages to hit the right emotional chord. Colours, materials, shapes: they evoke all kinds of associations for customers and thus bring the brand story to life.

Interior design determines the experience; it gives the brand a stage. The translation of the brand to the floor therefore requires many choices to be made. Colours, materials, lighting, displays, racks and counters: together they make the shopping experience what it is. As such, it is even more important for these elements to be correct. After all, they tell visitors in 3D who they’re visiting.

A good brand has a strong identity that ensures recognition and tells the story. A distinctive brand identity is able to make tangible the brand values of the brand in the design. Seeing the logo and the resulting corporate design evokes emotion for customers, because a logo is the most compact yet complete manifestation of brand identity. The logo tells you what a brand stands for in the clearest and simplest way possible and therefore also what the visitor can expect from the brand.

The product is the hero and great products deserve strong packaging design. Packaging plays an important role as a touch point in the entire Customer Journey. As a carrier of the brand story. Packaging design tells the brand story in the store and on the shelf, but it does not end there. Packaging design evolves with customers and is therefore ideally suited to telling the brand story, during, but also after a purchase has been made.

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