Today's consumers expect more and more from retailers. Consumers are tired of existing concepts. The winning retailer is the creative retailer that knows how to surprise its customers with a concept that is not only more fun, easier and more personal, but above all that is the most relevant and distinctive.

Food is the new fashion and new food concepts are popping up like mushrooms, from market halls to cafés in clothing and book stores. Food is experience! Blurring offers retailers opportunities to enhance that experience, by, for example, combining traditional food retail with food service in superstores, where everything revolves around the fresh experience; ready to cook or eat!

A distinctive concept is like a magazine: thematic and dynamic. In addition to the partially permanent layout of the store, there is room for flexible departments in order to capitalise on new themes, experiences, interactions and campaigns. A surprising store is in constant motion, because this is what keeps customers coming; curious and interested to see what surprises the store has to offer this time.

It is also becoming more important for shopping centres to tell a strong story and stand out from the colourless masses, because too many shopping centres are interchangeable. A successful and future-proof concept requires you to show your true colours. Dare to go further than thinking in terms of sales per square metre. Offer a relevant customer journey.

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